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11 Tips – What to Buy from the new Stampin’ Up! Catalog

You open up the new catalog and you want it ALL!!!! How do you decide what to buy? This is a dilemma we all face.  Here are my 11 tips to help you decide what to buy from a new Stampin’ Up! Catalog

When I first receive a new Stampin’ Up! Catalog, I flip through it once at a fairly normal rate and if something catches my eye I put a star next to it.  If I think maybe I would like it I put a question mark next to it. This is my quick visual for the first time through.

After that, that’s when I get serious and decide what to buy from the catalog.   Here are a few ways I decide what to buy.

Stampin’ Up! Catalog Stamp Set Decisions

1. What’s Your Budget?

The first thing to consider is, what is your budget? You can easily spend way more than you expected if you don’t set a limit.  I know it’s hard when you want it all, but set a limit. (Want a discount? Join my Stampin’ Up! team as a demonstrator and you can earn a 20-25% discount on all your purchases.  Find out more here).

2. Make a Wish List for each Stampin’ Up Catalog

Make a list of everything that grabs your attention. Include the stamp set name, the page number and price. You can refer back to this whenever you are going to place an order. Use this wish list to help you make your list.


If I see a new stamp set and think, “WOW! I love this set! I know I can make a lot of cards with it.” I will add it to my list.  I pretty much joined Stampin’ Up because of the Circle Circus stamp set. No lie.

4. Fits Many Occasions

If I see a stamp set that can be used for multiple occasions I am more likely to purchase the stamp set. I like to be able to have a stamp set that has variety. I love when a stamp set has a beautiful image and multiple sayings that are general or cover all occasions.

Here are some examples

5. CASE “Create And Share Everything”

This is promoted within Stampin’ Up! We all love to see each other’s work and sometimes when I see someone else’s project I fall in love with a stamp set I may have not even noticed previously. Suddenly, I have to have this stamp set.  The Stampin’ Up! Catalog also has SEVERAL ideas so be sure to look at their project samples in the catalog.

An example of something I fell in love with after attending a Stamp A Stack was Waterfront

Waterfront Cling Stamp 

 6. Something Different from the Norm

Usually I tend to stick to stamp sets that have a familiar feel to them.  I go through stages. I went though a vintage phase years ago. One of my friends who was a demonstrator too knew which sets I would purchase because I was in the vintage phase.  I know a demonstrator who can’t say no to a floral set. But sometimes we have to break away from the norm and challenge ourselves to something different. It brings on a whole new creative life.

So, I will look though the catalog for something that is fun, exciting and different from my normal choices. In the 2019 Annual Catalog I chose the sailing set. It’s something so different from what I usually pick and I love it.  The set has allowed me to embrace new color schemes and try different ideas. It’s just fun!

Come Sail Away Suite 

7. Complete Sets

I DESPISE  cutting things out by hand.  I can’t do it, and I don’t even like to try.  Therefore, if there is a stamp set that has coordinating dies or a punch,  sign me up! I LOVE to have dies or punches for the stamps. This brings a new level to the project when the image can literally pop off the page.

One of my faves from the annual catalog is the Magnolia Bundle

I love the Parisian Bundle from the 2020 mini catalog. Here are some ideas I have created with the set so far.  Parisian Blossom Suite Samples from Crafty Inking

How to Decide What Embellishments and DSP to Buy from the Stampin’ Up! Catalog

8. Paper Hoarder

Once I decide on a stamp set, I like to see if there is a suite or bundle for that set.  If there is coordinating Designer Series Paper (DSP) that I love, i order the paper too. I admit, I am a paper hoarder. I love DSP and I buy so many packs, but I don’t always use it. I am working on this problem.  I also have started to order the Memories and More kits if the bundle includes it. You can quickly make cards using the small images in the pack.

9. Coordinating Colors

After I have selected the DSP I am going to buy, I check my card stock supply to make sure I have the colors that coordinate with the DSP colors. I started to do this more recently and it really helped me to buy the right card stock.  I usually have a little of every color on hand, but when I am making a lot of cards or preparing for a class, I usually need more of certain colors. So rather than just buying paper to buy it, I like to make sure it will coordinate.

10. Make it POP

Now that the stamp set, DSP and card stock have been, I like to look at the embellishments to see what I could use that would coordinate with the stamp set or paper.  Sometimes it is products within the suite or bundle, but not all stamp sets are part of a suite. Therefore, I look at the ribbons, trinkets and rhinestones. If something pops out that would be a good match for the stamp set I will order it.

11. Color it In

Some stamp sets need more coloring than others.  I have both packs of water colored pencils and I  love these. I also have a handful of blendables and just a few makers.  You have to decide what you like to work with best and invest in those. I love the water color pencils and the blends. I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t bought all the bendable colors yet.  I buy them as I need them for stamp sets I purchase. (I keep a list of what I have so I don’t buy the same color again. Yes I have done this before.) I like that the original markers have a thick side and a thin side. This helps with multiple types of images.

Excitement of the new Stampin’ Up! Catalog

We all get so excited about the new catalog.  It’s so easy to get sucked into the newness and excitement. I used to put everything I wanted into an order and see the total, which would freak me out.  Then I would start to delete what I could wait for until a future order. Or I would just order a lot of fun items that I wanted but didn’t coordinate with each other so I had to order more and kore.

These days, I decide which stamp set I want and purchase coordinating materials so I can get the most out of everything I order.

I hope these tips and ideas will help you to decide what to order from any new Stampin’ Up! Catalog.  Or maybe even the current catalog you’ve looked through many times.

Have a question about how to coordinate a stamp set you own? Send me a message or comment below and I’ll be sure to help the best way I can.


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