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6 Tools to Help Easily Organize Your Crafting Space

One of my biggest challenges is keeping my craft room clean.  I love to craft but the creating process is so messy! Therefore, I need to keep some organization on my craft desk.  I’m going to share my 6 tools to organize your crafting space.

I remember shortly after my husband and I finished setting up my craft room I was using my new big table and I had paper and stamps everywhere! (This is the norm when I’m in creation mode) My husband walked in to ask me a question then started to ask why everything was a mess. I explained it’s not a mess, it’s called creating.  He had to walk out! He couldn’t take seeing my table covered with crafting items and only a 1 foot x 1 foot space to actually work. But, there WAS some organization for my craft space in place!

Whenever I am creating, I have paper, stamp sets, inks, and other tools all over my table.  It’s scattered in every direction. But there are a few things I keep on my table at all times to help me with the organization, even in this disarray.

I have a six foot sturdy table that I use for crafting.  There are 6 organization tools I keep on/under my desk at all times.

Ink Storage to Organize on Your Crafting Space

On the table, I have my ink spinner, it’s a retired item from Stampin’ Up! but I still use it and like that it takes up just a corner of my table. The new Storage by Stampin’ Up! seems great,but I have yet to purchase them.  It helps me to continue to craft more efficiently when I have all my ink colors easily accessible. I can test color options quickly without having to get up constantly to get more ink colors.

spinning ink tower

How do I Organize my Ink Colors?

This is something I have gone back and forth with for years. Some people organize by color collections: Regals, Subtitles, Neutrals, Brights, and In Colors. Others organize by the color of the rainbow. I used to have mine grouped by color collections.  When Stampin’ Up! did a revamp of the color collections, I decided to sort my inks by color families. So now I have my pinks together, followed by reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples. After that, I have my neutral colors and then I put the In Color collections together. This works for my brain. Set up your inks for what works best for you, but remember to ALWAYS keep your inks flat.

Block Storage for an Organized Crafting Space

Next to the spinner, I have a plastic box I got years ago that fits a lot of blocks in it.  I need a lot of blocks for classes, so it’s nice to have a box to store my blocks for easy reach when I am creating. This little box keeps my craft space organized instead of having blocks all over the desk. I also have the Clear Block Storage Caddy in my craft room, but it is not on my desk.

box with clear stamp blocks

Craft Tool Organizing

I also have a box that is actually for serving ware at parties on my desk.  My husband bought it for me our first Christmas. He thought I would like it for my makeup brushes.  I put it in my old craft room after Christmas and just looked at it and thought about returning it. I already had my brushes in a drawer and didn’t need it for that.  But, once it was in my craft room, I realized I could use it to organize my crafting tools.

corganized crafting tools in a box

In the long area in the back where you would put plates, I use this to store my piercing pad and cleaning Shammy. In the first box I have rulers, scissors,bone folders and pokers.

The middle box has blender pens, water makers, chalk markers, Wink of Stella and pens.

The last box has a box of glue dots and 2 bottles of glue.

This makes it very easy and compact to have so many tools easily available at any time.

Light Source

While it’s not an organization tool, it is a tool I keep on my desk at all times and it helps me craft better. I have my Ott Light above where my work space is for better lighting. The lamp is right in the middle of my desk and shines down on the grid paper I always keep on my desk for working.

Embellishment Storage Organization

Next to my light, I have a little container that I keep all my embellishments in for easy access and organization.  I cannot remember which demonstrator I was watching on YouTube years ago but she said she kept a box of embellishments on her table so that she remembered to use them and had easy access to them.   I thought that was brilliant! So. I found a container I already had and filled it up with rhinestones, pearls, dimentionals, ribbons, trinkets, and all other current embellishments.

Stampin' Up! embelishments in a clear box

This really helps keep small items organized in your crafting space.

To keep the embellishments organized, I keep the dimensional sheets in a zip lock bag. I also keep the rhinestone sheets in a zip lock bag too.

When I am making a project I flip through the box and see what I can add to the project to take it to another level.

Organize Miscellaneous Craft Supplies

I have a small basket at the end of my table that is for miscellaneous items.  I always keep my Staz On and Momento black ink in the basket. I also have my used sponges and clothespins in there.

green basket with inks to organize your crafting space

Paper Storage Organization UNDER my Crafting Space

When I first started making cards, the only storage I had for my paper was a filing unit I had previously bought at The Container Store. This has worked for several years for me. Until I am able to afford beautiful paper storage shelving or I ask my husband to make me a storage bin, this works great. I do have it pretty full though, which helps the paper from sliding down and bending. It also fits perfectly under my desk so that keeps it safe and out of my way. It is also easily accessible while crafting.

organize your crafting space with filing cart

Organize Your Crafting Space, DOES Help!

To help you moving along more easily while you create, take some time to organize your crafting space.  These organizing tools help me keep my work space a functional working area, despite the craziness that does occur while I am creating. I love having these tools at easy reach at all times. It really helps to keep the creative process going without having to get up often.

Try to find what you already have in your room or around the house to help you organize your tools for easy use while crafting. You can also visit the dollar store for some easy and affordable storage solutions to organize your craft space.

How do you like to organize your craft space? I’d love to have you comment below with some tools or ideas you have for organizing your craft space.

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